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Organic Ginger

The Peruvian organic ginger stands out for being more aromatic and a more intense flavor. It facilitates digestion, serves as a natural anti-inflammatory, relieves sore throats, and fights infectious diseases. It is used primarily for its medicinal properties, as a seasoning, food flavoring, and coloring for cosmetics.

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 They have unique and unmatched flavors. They are cultivated in the Peruvian coast, mountains and jungle. It has potassium and is a source of energy and healthy fats. It is also important because it strengthens the immune system.
Organic Banano

Organic banana is a food of great nutritional value due to its contribution of potassium, magnesium, calories, sugars, proteins, etc. Available all year round. The consumption of this fruit incorporates fiber that benefits the normal functioning of the colon.

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Organic Turmeric
Organic turmeric has properties against cancer, high cholesterol or osteoarthritis among other diseases. We offer fresh turmeric, powder and capsules. Presentation that adapts to the client's requirements.

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History of agriculture in Peru

 Today, Peru grows agricultural products such as ginger, turmeric, potato, purple corn, coffee, cocoa, etc. Peru provides half of the world's supply of quinoa.

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Empowering rural women to boost agriculture

 Empowering rural women as farmers, entrepreneurs and leaders through the agricultural value chain is an issue of great importance for agricultural productivity, poverty reduction and food security.

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Improvements in agricultural technology in Peru

The agricultural technology of Peru is of the first world. It is applied mainly in the agricultural exports fields of the Coast. Ginger, grapes, avocados, blueberries and asparagus have an exponential growth behavior.

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